Maison Perrier®, a new brand from the makers of Perrier®, to inspire uninhibited creativity.



Maison Perrier, a new brand from the makers of Perrier, launches a range of sparkling beverages.

The launch of this brand marks a new, additional chapter in our remarkable French history.

Alongside the Perrier brand, which continues to delight all those looking for their natural mineral water, this new brand brings together all premium sparkling beverages, relying on our unique savoir faire (know-how). These beverages are different from our natural mineral waters.

A new creative beverage brand, Maison Perrier, surprises consumers today and in the future with an exciting offer of flavored waters, energy drinks, mocktails or sparkling waters based on juices.

Maison Perrier's water comes from underground, dedicated wells in the Vergèze territory, selected for the production of beverages, and is bottled in our historical factory. Today we produce with a separated process, dedicated to Maison Perrier beverages, thanks to consistent investments on our site.

We are proud of our site in Vergèze, where we have invested in major transformation to keep on leveraging our know-how and our French heritage, while remaining an important player within local communities.

Throughout its history, Perrier has never stopped innovating and surprising. Its ability to always know how to renew itself is probably one of the keys to its success and longevity. With the launch of a new beverage brand Maison Perrier, we want to meet the new expectations of consumers. Our first ranges are: Maison Perrier Forever range, sparkling water-based drinks flavored with natural flavors. Maison Perrier Chic range, a new offer to meet the needs of a fast-growing segment: soft drinks and mocktails. Maison Perrier Magnetic Juice range, the fusion of delicious fruit in sparkling water for a fresh and tasty pleasure break. Maison Perrier Energize range, an energy drink based on a blend of vitamins and caffeine, combined with natural flavours. Maison Perrier beverages: our intense bubbles, surprising taste with our unique style and French know-how.

Building on the French avant-garde, Maison Perrier works closely with cultural trailblazers and creative artists, encouraging their growth and promoting their work. The brand is committed to nurturing creative talent and encouraging creativity in everyone.

The new ranges are being launched in multiple global markets throughout 2024.



Earlier this year, Maison Perrier was previewed at an exclusive event at the Palais d’Evreux next to the iconic Place Vendôme. On this occasion, Maison Perrier invited four talented artists to showcase their artworks as well as a commissioned piece of art inspired by Maison Perrier beverages:


Leona Rose, a young French contemporary artist and visual storyteller, weaves vibrant narratives with joyful shapes and animals.

MaisonPerrier_Magnetic Juice_artist


Huishan Zhang is an award-winning Dior haute couture trained designer.



Maggie is a US-based photographer, videographer and art installation artist.



Skorpion is a well-known French hip-hop dancer, performer and choreographer.


Maison Perrier®

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